Athletes to Watch for Shallow Reasons: Julia Murray & Anna Goodman

This 2-for-1 “A2W4SR” special features two Canadian ski cuties who are fighting through injury to compete in the Games. They’re both recovering from recent ACL injuries but will likely be braced up like Forrest Gump and doing their best to give’r in their respective events.

Anna Goodman’s a rising star in Slalom, and was starting to break into the top-1o before the injury. Her comprehensive blog gives you a good look at life on the World Cup circuit. She’s also the master of rock n’ roll air jump photos.

Anna Goodman

Julia Murray is one of Canada’s top skier cross athletes. Her dad was legendary Crazy Canuck Dave Murray, who passed away from skin cancer in 1990. Her mom, Stephanie Sloan, was 3-time world champion in freestyle skiing. In other words, Julia is hardwired for speed and bumps.

Julia Murray

All cuteness aside, it’s impressive that these girls are even competing in these Games. If things don’t work out, they have a very valid excuse, and both are young enough to be in several more Olympics to come. You’ve been warned Sochi.

Sweet FUBAR air from Brigitte Acton and Anna Goodman

Julia Murray

Goodman in action

Julia Murray


Athletes to watch for shallow reasons: Ashleigh McIvor

Ashleigh’s post from a few weeks ago deserves an encore after her gold digging ways in today’s ski cross. Enjoy:

The girl you see before wearing the feet of an illegally poached Polar Bear is Ashleigh McIvor, Canada’s top qualifier in the renegade sport of skiercross. When she’s not pissing off Greenpeace with her footwear, she’s barreling down the mountain ripping around banked turns and flying off kickers while throwing elbows that would make Charles Barkley proud.

Ashleigh’s from Whistler, so based on what I’ve learned from Peak Season, her hobbies include binge drinking, punching guys and then making out with the guy she just punched. If you’re into official bios, you can probably find some better stuff here.